Immerse yourself in the Bible and be transformed

Read the Bible through from cover to cover through a six-volume Bible called Immerse. With all chapters and verses removed and text put in to a single column, read this life changing book in a different way.

Cover of Immerse: MessiahCover image for the Beginnings, Year 1 - Book 2Cover image for the Kingdoms, Year 2 - Book 1Cover image for the Prophets, Year 2 - Book 2Cover image for the Poets, Year 3 - Book 1Cover image for the Chronicles, Year 3 - Book 2

How does The Bible Reading Experience work?

It operates just like a ‘book club’ and runs over eight weeks during which we will read one of the books shown above. For example the book “Messiah” covers the whole of the New Testament. Or “Beginnings” covers Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

Each week your group will meet up and discuss what they read in frank and honest discussion. There is nothing complicated about it, there are no lectures, just simple honest reflection on questions like …

  • “What stood out to you this week?”
  • “Was there anything confusing or troubling?”
  • “Did anything make you think differently”
  • “How might we change the way we live?”

Click here for some more detailed information on the official website from Tyndale.


Join the Immerse Bible Reading Experience at Hebron

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