Real Christian growth occurs in community; we thrive together as a family of Christians. To really thrive and help others thrive we need to know one another deeply, we need to be comfortable, open and vulnerable with one another, we need to care for one another and spend time together in order to know and be known. That is just not possible with a large group of people, so at Hebron we have Thrive Groups. Smaller groups of people who are especially devoted to helping each other thrive in their Christian lives.

Groups meet at a variety of different times, on different days, with varying degrees of frequency but each Group is committed to the following:

  •  meeting at least once a month to:
    • share what God is teaching each person or doing in each person’s life using sermon application questions as a starting point
    • pray for each other
    • discover how we can practically support one another each month.
  • staying in contact between meetings via phone, email, Facebook, WhatsApp – whatever works for the members of your Group.

If you would like more information to join a Group please contact us and we will get back to you.