For many people, mention of the word ‘church’ conjures up mental images of ornate buildings, stained-glass windows and steeples. However originally the word was used to describe groups of Christians as they gathered together, and only later came to refer also to the places where they met. So when the Bible writers use this word, it is all about people rather than buildings! A local church is a microcosm of the universal church where those who are part of the worldwide family of God meet together to express their faith in community.

We come together at Hebron to worship our loving Heavenly Father, and praise Him for His grace, forgiveness and blessings. We do this through music and singing and meditating on the scriptures. We spend time in prayer and study of the Bible as we seek to know God better and grow in our faith, to learn more of His ways and His will for our individual and corporate lives. We share communion together as we reflect on the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus and our oneness as His body.

We meet to encourage each other, to share our hopes and fears, to celebrate our joys and support each other in times of difficulty and sadness. We desire to make an impact in our locality by showing in a practical way the same love and compassion that Jesus showed when He was here on earth. We want to reflect the love and forgiveness that we have received from God to those around us.

As Christ gave Himself on the cross for the whole world, so we too welcome everyone regardless of colour, race, gender, age, social standing – both those who share their common faith in Jesus and others who are still exploring the meaning of life and looking for answers.