Rather than develop our own statement of belief we prefer to identify with other churches in the country by being committed to the Evangelical Alliance Basis of Faith, and with other churches throughout history by being committed to what the Apostles Creed teaches.


We believe that God is calling us to be:

A family that strives to be:

  • Wholehearted for God
  • Openhearted with each other
  • Brokenhearted for our world

To do this, we need to remove barriers:

  • barriers that prevent us from putting God first in our lives. This will mean constantly being aware of how we order our lives, what things we give priority to, what things distract us from spending time with God in his Word and prayer, and then re-ordering our lives so that God is given priority.
  • barriers that prevent us from putting each other before ourselves. This will mean being willing to be open and vulnerable with each other; it will mean going out of our way to support and help each other practically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • barriers that prevent us from sharing Christ with those outside our doors. This will mean growing in boldness, it will mean growing our understanding of the message we proclaim and being equipped to share it, and particularly it will mean reaching out to the unloved and the unlovely of our city.