We spend most of our lives learning. From our earliest days we are learning from parents, and then as we grow we are learning from teachers in all stages of school life. If the opportunity of University comes then even more serious learning is required, and if we go straight into work then we are…learning.

Life is about learning and if we do not spend time developing and improving, it will inevitably effect our lives.

Learning brings about questions, and whether it be through knowledge, experience, lack of understanding or confusion, we all have questions – and that is an important part of the learning process.

From parents and family we learn about daily home living, in school we are building up our knowledge for University or employment and in church we are searching for the truth about God and Jesus Christ and how it impacts upon us.

In church we learn and respond in a variety of ways. Prayer, bible reading and worship, which includes singing, and preaching or teaching.

We may be interested in finding out more about being a Christian or wanting to develop a greater knowledge of all that the bible has to tell us, and from this we can be sure that it will make a difference in our life.

Like all learning whether it comes from reading, listening or watching, what is required is our attention, commitment and implementation. If this does not happen at any stage in life then in all probability it will bring problems or disappointments.

Church is a place to learn what the bible has to say about all aspects of our life and an important part of this process is the requirement for preaching and teaching.

To fully appreciate the bible we need to slow down, take time to be still or quiet and put aside the things that stop us from doing this. Sometimes in our daily lives it is difficult to do this, finding a quiet place is almost impossible, we need to turn off the mobile telephone and computer, switch off the radio or television and still we may not be able to switch off.

So in church we have time to do this, to be still in the presence of God and listen for what he has to say to us through His word and the words of the preacher. It never ceases to amaze how a group of people listening to a preacher will individually respond to different things they hear. Same words but heard differently – the power of God communicating with us.

We all need this communication, so as we pray that God will speak to us, we too need to make sure we have switched on our listening device.

So when you next settle down to listen to God’s words through the preacher, remember to slow down to maximise the ability to hear what is being said, both audibly and subconsciously.

As the hymn writer penned,

“Be still for the presence of the Lord, the Holy One is here
Come bow before Him now, with reverence and fear
In Him no sin is found, we stand on holy ground
Be still for the presence of the Lord, the Holy One is here.

Be still for the glory of the Lord, is shining all around
He burns with holy fire, with splendor He is crowned
How awesome is the sight, our radiant King of light
Be still for the glory of the Lord, Is shining all around

Be still for the power of the Lord, Is moving in this place
He comes to cleanse and heal, to minister His grace
No work too hard for Him, in faith receive from Him
Be still for the power of the Lord, is moving in this place”