Brian Downie

Born in Glasgow, I moved to Carlisle in 2007 and started to work at Hebron in May 2013. I’m married to Julie and we have two daughters, Lily and Mia. I love running and karate and tolerate DIY!

I want to care for people and for people to be cared for. To be able to offer them the emotional, social and spiritual support they may need. It is one of the best ways we serve God and others – by providing people with the opportunities to care and be cared for, and skills to care effectively for one and another. My hope is that the Church will be known as a place of refuge. A safe place where the vulnerable and the certain, the fragile and the sure can come together.

Caroline Hetherington

I was born in Stockport and moved to Carlisle in 2008 with my husband Pete. We have two children, Isaac and Finley. I work for a charity called Safe Families for Children. I enjoy sewing, baking, getting out into the Lake District and walking in the fells.

I long to see more people from across our city and beyond come to know Jesus, for them to know his love and grace in their lives and the freedom He can bring. I want to help to create spaces for us to connect and build meaningful relationships, and my hope is that by doing this we will grow in a deeper understanding of each other and of those around us.

Donald Mackay

I am husband to Elspeth, and Dad to Seona and Heather. By day I’m responsible for the delivery and operation of Renewable Energy projects. Originally from the North of Scotland, I’ve lived in Carlisle for 32 years and have been involved at Hebron for 30 years. I relax by spending time with family, cycling, mountain biking, running, reading or dog walking.

In our vision, we state that we are open-hearted for our church family, and broken-hearted for our community and the world around us. Caring for and serving the community and city outside of our building and to touch them with Christ’s love is our privilege. I want to be able to help us reach into the needs of our city, as we are able to; to work with the opportunities we have, and the agencies that serve in the city; to reach out and use the gifts and resources we have; to practice love, care and hospitality; and to share and demonstrate practically the certain hope that the good news of Jesus’ love brings.

Martin Rutty

I am married to Joy and we have 2 adult children and 4 grandchildren. We have been involved in working with churches in the Philippines, Stockport and Portsmouth and moved to Carlisle in 2019.

I enjoy preaching, teaching, sport, gardening and helping people to connect faith with everyday life.

Ruth Slater

I am married to Graham and we have two adult children, a daughter-in law and a son-in law. I moved to Carlisle when I was 14 and have attended Hebron since then, apart from several years when we were commissioned into a community outreach project in the city. I love swimming, reading, walking the Wainwrights, good food and spending time with family and friends.

One of my passions is operational and administrative excellence which I believe is just as important for the church as anywhere else and I love to serve in this capacity and to encourage others with these skills.