Hebron Library

We have recently been given a large donation of books. To make room for these on the shelves, we have removed all the duplicate copies.  These are now displayed on a table at the back of the main hall, and you are welcome to help yourselves.  You might like to give 50p for a paperback book, and £1 for a hardback.  You can give this to Phil Halliwell (tell him it’s for books) or put it in an envelope marked ‘Books’ and put it in the collection box.  All proceeds will go to the Building Fund.  After a few weeks, any remaining books will go to Book Aid.

The library will have to close down in a few weeks’ time, while the development of the toilet block takes place.  So it’s a good idea to go and browse the shelves now and borrow a few books while you can!  Donald and his demolition team are about to knock down the Library, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to borrow any books.